Spiritual Freedom Introduction

The Real You
Pathways to Inner Freedom

The Spiritual Freedom Series offers information and experiences to unfold your intuition, find your unique life purpose, develop clear two-way communication with spirit and experience the reality of your inner freedom.

Spiritual Freedom Workshop I


Feel inner security of what it is like to be at peace and live in freedom

Find how to make decisions based on your loyalty to yourself and how you can trust this.


Spiritual-Pilgrim Shop

Welcome to our shop.We are happy to be of service. Jan and I have been involved with the spirit world for most of our lives. This is what we came to do.

Following is a list of services we offer. Consultations are one on one sessions that go deep into your spiritual life.

A recommended course is to first find out how you communicate. What is your gift order. And how to communicate with your inner guidance. This is required for about 80 % of the courses we offer. Gifts and Guidance Profile.

Then, the standard, recommended (though not required) is to experience a Blockage Profile. This determines a major block of your spiritual growth.

To receive a consultation enter your name, email address and time you are available. Include in the notes which Profile you are interested in.

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